About MFW

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Facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration

The MFW fosters the exchange of knowledge and best practices amongst stakeholders in a collaborative environment that allows participants to learn from one another and develop innovative solutions together

Addressing critical challenges

The MFW tackles the most pressing issues facing Mediterranean forests, including climate change, wildfires, land degradation, and restoration. Issues are identified by leading scientists and experts from around the region who form part of the Joint Organising Committee

Promoting integrated forest management

The MFW advocates for a holistic approach to forest management that balances ecological, social, and economic considerations.

Shaping the future of Mediterranean forests and empowering the next generation

By bringing together key stakeholders, and especially promoting the participation of young researchers and experts, the event fosters collaborative action and ensures that the voices and ideas of youth are heard and valued.


The Mediterranean Forest Week (MFW) has a rich history of convening stakeholders to address critical issues in the region. 

Established in 2010, the first MFW was organised in Antalya, Türkiye, and developed a position paper on the contribution of forests and other wooded lands to food security in the Mediterranean, to be included as a part of the declaration of the Ministers of Agriculture at the Ministerial Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) on Food security, Agriculture and Rural Development of 2010 in Cairo, Egypt.

Since its inception, MFW has addressed a wide range of topics, from developing and promoting goods and services provided by forest ecosystems in the Mediterranean, Mediterranean forests’ contribution to a green economy, to new initiatives in forest and landscape restoration, and the role of Mediterranean forests in reaching the Paris agreement’s climate goals.

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Organising committee

The organisation of the 8th edition of the Mediterranean Forest Week is made possible by the collaborative efforts of the Joint Organising Committee (JOC). The JOC’s expertise and commitment are instrumental in ensuring the MFW’s continued success as a leading forum for Mediterranean forest issues.

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