Building resilience: restoration strategies and policies for Mediterranean forest ecosystems

Mediterranean forest ecosystems face unprecedented challenges due to climate change, exacerbated by human-induced activities. This conference session delves into the crucial topic of building resilience in these ecosystems by implementing restoration strategies and policies.

The session explores the intersection of climate change and forest and landscape restoration efforts, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive restoration policies. Drawing from the principles and targets outlined at the global level by international agreements like the Rio Conventions, particularly within the framework of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the session sets the scene at the Mediterranean region level and showcases regional and national approaches to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change on Mediterranean forest ecosystems.

Key themes presented in the session include forest and landscape restoration initiatives tailored to the unique ecological dynamics of the Mediterranean region, emphasizing the role of biodiversity conservation in enhancing ecosystem resilience. Additionally, the session examines the critical linkage between forest and landscape restoration and water resource management, highlighting integrated strategies to safeguard water security while restoring degraded landscapes.

Through a series of case studies and policy analyses, the session aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. 

By integrating pioneering research findings with practical policy suggestions, the session aims to raise awareness of the sustainable management of Mediterranean forest ecosystems amidst the challenges posed by climate change and anthropogenic pressure.

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Speaker Abdelhamid Khaldi

Abdelhamid Khaldi

Sessions Abdelhamid Khaldi Forestry researcher INRGREF (National Research Institute for Rural Engineering, Water and Forests…

Christophe Besacier

Christophe Besacier

Sessions Christophe Besacier Senior Forestry Officer and currently coordinating the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism…

Keynote Speaker Deema Assaf

Deema Assaf 

Sessions Deema Assaf  Founding Partner TAYYŪN Research Studio Deema Assaf is a Jordanian architect, researcher…

CoChair Elena Hernández

Elena Hernández

Sessions Elena Hernández, MITECO Service Manager Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge…

Panellist Eugenia Vidal

Eugenia Vidal-Casanovas 

Sessions Eugenia Vidal-Casanovas  Head of the Open Space Planning Office, Green Infrastructure Service…