8MFW sessions

The 8th Mediterranean Forest Week (8MFW) features six plenary sessions. Designed by the session chairs in an interactive and engaging format, they provide participants with the possibility to get involved, discuss, and explore the most relevant opportunities and pressing challenges for Mediterranean forests.

Preparatory webinars precede each session, offering an opportunity to delve deeply into specific areas related to each session’s topic. These webinars serve as a space to share challenges, innovations, and best practices, and interact with a wide audience, setting the stage for productive discussions during the 8MFW.

Throughout the week, the chairs open each session with a general introduction to the topic and the webinar outcomes. Each session features keynote speakers who elaborate on important elements for plenary consideration. Following their presentations, a diverse panel of stakeholders (including scientists, policy makers, youth representatives, practitioners, etc.) share their perspective and discuss with the audience. At the end of each session, participants get a sneak peek at related posters, providing additional insights and perspectives. The posters are available for viewing throughout the day in the designated gallery space.

The findings from the presentations and discussions in each session, along with insights from the webinars and posters, are summarised and presented by a session rapporteur during the High-Level Segment on 7 November.

Sessions overview