Forest related development cooperation and available financial instruments for the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean region is currently facing many social, economic, and environmental threats, including climate change, increased wildfire risk, biodiversity loss, land abandonment, cultural heritage loss. While Mediterranean forests are menaced themselves by these challenges, they also offer opportunities for mitigating environmental pressures and fostering socioeconomic wellbeing.

In this context and with a longer-term perspective, development cooperation projects represent essential means not only to protect forests but also to enhance the conditions of local communities. It is therefore key to prioritise forests in the financial planning and provide the means to address the current climate and environmental crisis, while protecting Mediterranean forested landscapes.

This session aims to delve into the work of key development cooperation agencies operating in the region, shedding light on two specific aspects, namely 1) how they operate and 2) in which primary areas of activity, with a view to expand the current focus on forest management, restoration, environmental research to other aspects of interest and need. Additionally, it will serve the purpose of showcasing best practices in terms of financial tools and financial flows, as well as highlighting other financial instruments that can be targeted to support development cooperation programs and projects related to forests in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region.

The session will aim at gathering representatives of development cooperation agencies, international organizations, IFIs while also providing space to illustrate ‘champion’ development cooperation projects, which can be replicated/upscaled in other southern and eastern coasts of the basin.

Mediterranean forest