Wildfire prevention and post-fire restoration

In the Mediterranean region, fires are an integral part of ecosystem dynamics. However, wildfires in the past years have been particularly damaging both in terms of area burned by a single event and casualties caused.

The paradigm is being shifted towards wildfire prevention instead of suppression, in order to avoid size, intensity and simultaneity that could be out of the suppression capacities. In the context of integrated fire management, along with prevention activities, restoration of burned areas considering previous and future conditions is key to build more resilient landscapes. The objective of this session is to showcase successful examples of the very important aspects of pre-fire fuel management (within forests and also in the interfaces wildland-urban areas and forest-agriculture) and postfire restoration; and also, to bring together various experts working on different fire issues, who will discuss and explore the challenges the region is facing nowadays, and how new and innovative approaches can help overcoming them.

Mediterranean forest


CoChair Elena Hernández

Elena Hernández

Service Manager (MITECO)
CoChair Pau Brunet

Pau Brunet

Researcher & project coordinator (CTFC)